czwartek, 29 kwietnia 2010

Polish ghost story


Here are 3 photos from Polish air plane diseaster 10.04.2010. People say they can see SOMEONE (ghosts?) behind a tree. And these ghosts(?) are running away to the forest.
Some people claim terrorists caused Polish crash cause they could hear shots soon after first people came there. Is it truth? Where is the truth?
I hope you can enlarge photos beneath by clicking into them.

Anyway, here are 3 pictures:

Beneath whole amatour movie with "a ghost" - with someone/something behind a tree around 41 second.

Judge it on your own - I can read people who came on the place of crash could see 4 persons running away to the forest. Could they be terrorists or ghosts?
I wasn't able to find any pictures to prove this fact till today.

ps. You should admit that the film maker (whoever he was) might have seen something/someone behind the tree cause he changed field of his filming at once.

Why? hmmm ... interesting.

ps2. Do you believe in ghosts?